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Training for fire protection officers

Fire protection officers are responsible for implementing all the fire protection measures in a building. For example, they ensure that smoking bans are complied with, escape routes are kept free from obstructions and fire detection systems are regularly checked.

The BVS – Brandverhütungsstelle für Oö. provides the required training.

The appointment of fire protection officers is governed by the OÖ Feuer- und Gefahrenpolizeigesetz (Section 10, Section 18) [Upper Austrian law governing responsibilities in connection with fires and hazards], the Arbeitsstättenverordnung (Section 43) [Austrian workplace regulations] and TRVB 119.

Please contact us, if you have any questions concerning the fire protection officer training.

Training offerings

Training, professional development, presentations – we run a wide range of courses on the topic of preventative fire protection

  • Modular courses
  • Specialist courses for fire protection officers
  • Presentations in schools
  • Presentations for specific target groups
  • Fire protection training for your staff
  • Drills using an extinguishing simulator

Fire protection training courses

For your company’s fire protection issues, we provide customized seminars and training events, such as

  • Fire protection training for your staff, related to the specific fire hazards in your company (including extinguishing drills with portable fire extinguishers, fire blankets and wall-mounted hydrants)
  • Information days, seminars and workshops
  • Specific modular training events for technical experts and those involved in fire protection

The training courses are tailored to your individual needs. Our team of trainers is made up of competent and experienced fire protection experts.

Extinguishing simulation

Our goal is to prevent fires from starting at all. But if a fire does break out you need to be prepared. A fire extinguishing drill is therefore an essential part of many of our courses and seminars.

Extinguishing is practiced with our gas-operated extinguishing simulator. A variety of types of fires are simulated and extinguished using a portable fire extinguisher.

Independently of our courses, you can also book tailored drills that deal only with extinguishing fires and the simulation of specific fires