About us
An introduction to the Brandverhütungsstelle


The BVS – Brandverhütungsstelle für Oö. protects people and buildings in Upper Austria from fire and natural hazards

  • We are expert partners for legislative and administrative authorities, for businesses, building planners and the general public.
  • We support local authorities, the police, courts and insurance companies to investigate fires and design fire prevention measures based on these findings.
  • We train fire prevention experts and fire protection officers in line with our comprehensive training concept.

Our specific responsibilities are defined in the fire and hazard law and regulations for Upper Austria (OÖ Feuer- und Gefahrenpolizeigesetz and OÖ Feuer- und Gefahrenpolizeiverordnung).

Company history

Inaugural general meeting of the BVS – Brandverhütungsstelle für Oö. reg. Gen.m.b.H
Foundation of Oö. Blitzschutzgesellschaft m.b.H.
Ongoing activity of the state-authorised testing institute in its present form begins
The “Corporate fire protection” symposium is the starting point for today’s fire protection officers’ symposium
The state-authorized testing institute becomes the independent IBS – Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Foundation of IBS – Technisches Büro GmbH, headquartered in Linz


DI Dr. Arthur Eisenbeiss
Chairman of the executive board
+43 732 7617-835
Bakk. techn. Harald Leitner
Executive board
+43 732 7617-839
Stefanie Huemer
Assistant to the management team
+43 732 7617-849
Karin Mitter-Hopfinger
Assistant to the management team
+43 732 7617-839

Divisional management

Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Manfred Hübsch, MSc
Divisional management
Fire investigations
+43 732 7617-315
Ing. Wolfgang Neumüller
Divisional management
Trainings and events
+43 732 7617-327
Wolfgang Reichör
Divisional management
inspection of technical fire protection systems
+43 732 7617-822
DI Dr. Günther Schwabegger
Divisional management
Press Spokesperson
+43 732 7617-335
DI Thomas Trauner
Divisional management
+43 732 7617-877
Ing. Andreas Milkovics
Divisional management
Advisory and expert service
+43 732 7617-311